Wednesday, 16 August 2017

From ChefBeHere with love...

A trio of classic ChefBeHere recipes
from the Recipe Book

Hi readers,

How are you all today? Are you well and having a wonderful week so far? Wednesday, it is, and today is the day that Daniel Craig’s confirmed he WILL be doing another Bond film! Can I get a hallelujah?! This is brilliant news! We might have to wait two plus years for the next instalment of Bond – but my main man Daniel Craig will be loading his pistol. Cannot wait.

For any regular followers of the ChefBeHere blog – sorry it’s been a little while since I shared a recipe! Facebook reminded me yesterday that it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted (yeah thanks for that, Facebook) and I can only apologise for the drought of vegetarian recipes about these parts. I hope nobody’s had to resort to Pot Noodles.

Life at the moment has ben carcarcarcarcar.. as I got my first car! Exciting times, readers. And scary times, too! There was the getting the money for a car. Then learning stuff about cars. Looking at cars. Test driving (lol) and buying a car. And now driving the bloody thing – with different pedals and levers and buttons to the ones that I’m used to!

My little papap!

It’s all been a faff and a half readers, and the blog’s taken a back seat for a week or two, but it’s all been worth it as I’m now whizzing around town with my own wheels – hurray! Do you drive, readers? Maybe some of you have advice you’d like to share with an inexperienced driver, to help keep me on the road? If so, please rain your tips down on me!

Welcoming all the help I can get right now and sending sincere apologies to drivers in the South Yorkshire / North East Derbyshire / North Nottinghamshire areas where I’m currently commuting daily. To everyone on the roads – I’M SORRY. It’s the car, not me. No, it’s me but blame the car. Just.. be kind.

And I have recipes for you, readers! Not new ones, exactly, but I launched a raid on the archives of this blog and selected a trio of classic recipes to try again this past week, from the ChefBeHere Recipe Book. Have you taken a look in the Recipe Book before, readers? If you haven’t, I highly recommend! There are over a hundred recipe in there now.

If you’re viewing this blog on a computer or laptop, then you can find the link to the Recipe Book on the ChefBeHere home page, it’s the third tab at the top of the page. Or, if you’re viewing this blog on a mobile device, then you should be able to see a drop-down menu directly below the ChefBeHere logo at the top of your homepage. You can select the Recipe Book from this menu.

Here are three of my favourites recipes from the ChefBeHere Recipe Book, which I’ve been enjoying all over again this week, and which you might like to try, too…

Cinammon n Rhubarb Porridge

Has anyone noticed the nights starting to draw in? Fear not, readers, I’m not Christmas shopping yet! But I am enjoying the slightly chill in the air and the dusky evenings that just beginning to dawn on us. As we dance our way towards Autumn, enjoy introducing warmer foods back into your diet. After the salads and the ice creams of summer, it’s a nice change to tuck into a soup or a jacket potato perhaps. And do you have your oats ready to go, readers? This rhubarb porridge recipe is a fruity, warming way to start the day right.

View the original recipe post here.


Roasted tomato and
giant couscous Greek salad

A Med-inspired healthy lunch option, this couscous salad is a flavoursome reminder of your summer holidays away. Be prepared and make your lunch the night before, then take this colourful packed up into work with you.. you’ll be the envy of your colleagues. There’s nothing like a light, tasty lunch – bringing back memories of times spent sunbathing on the warm sands of a Greek shore – while you’re trying to fix the printer and listen in on a conference call.

View the original recipe post here.


Banana Muffins

With the Great British Bake Off due back on our screens this Autumn – albeit on Channel 4 for a change! – I’m looking forward to some cakey inspiration in the kitchen. With more time to spare in my day, now I can drive to and from work, I’m planning to bake lots of goodies for my colleagues to boost us through chilly starts and busy times. What better way to ease back into the world of baking than with my all-time fave – Mary Berry’s banana loaf? Whether you bake one big cake or a batch of buns – go on and treat your colleagues.

View the original recipe post here.


Go forth and be inspired, readers! I hope this post gears you up to take on a proper recipe, and whizz together something wonderful in the kitchen. Treat yourself, treat your colleagues – have fun with it. Whether you’re tempted by one of the recipes above, or you hit upon the perfect dish for you while reading through the ChefBeHere Recipe Book, I’m wishing you every luck in the kitchen.

Drive safely, readers, and enjoy dreams of Daniel Craig. I know I will!

Ta ta for now,


I leave you with a shot of the evening
sun casting shadows in Sheffield

Friday, 4 August 2017

It's August... high time for a recipe round-up

Hi readers!

How are things today? And how’s your week been, have you had a good one? I hope it’s been stand out! Mine’s been interesting as we’ve been making some design improvements to the office at work, in aid of a client visiting. It’s been a week of photo hanging and plant potting! But the place is looking great now and the visit went well, so we live to fight on.

Do you? Are you well and wonderful and filled with the joys of a Friday afternoon, readers? That’s right – as I type we’re allllmost there. The weekend is just minutes away! Feels good, right? I’m heading to yoga this evening and cannot wait to stretch out and put a stop to all the work-related chatter going on in my head!

How about you, eh? What are you looking forward to this weekend, readers? Is it donning your cosy PJs, or getting your glad rags on maybe? Perhaps it’s running a bath or crawling into bed with no alarm set? Or possibly (after bath and bed) getting up off your bum this weekend and heading out on a big walk or a cycle, or running your little legs far and wide?

I’ve lined up a weekend full of car shopping, readers. Exciting – not at all – but at the end of it I’m going to buy my first car. Yayyayyayyay… I’m the most eager beaver in the world. A car all of my own! A car for me! A car I can drive, with no trains and no buses, no soggy clothes and no muddy shoes. A sane commute like normal people have – hoorrayyyy!

Whatever the weekend you may have planned, readers, I bet it’s going to be great. At some point – even if it isn’t for long – the sun will shine. And there will be wine. And you’ll have no reason to answer emails. The act of answering emails will in fact be frowned upon. Instead, you can be you. And – of course – you’ll be simply fabulous!

While chilling out being fab I though mayyyybe there might be time for a little recipe-ing? A little philandering in the kitchen? Treating yourself to some tasty food over the weekend?
Why, of course! So – I’ve taken a look around the UK food-related blogosphere for the best-looking recipes posted this last week.

There have been a LOT of recipes posted for desserts this week – which I’m taking as a sign. Here are ten tempting recipes for desserts, which you might find the time for this weekend…

2.     Chocolate Peanut Butter NICE Cream on the Spoonful of Happy blog

3.     Vegan Strawberry Shortcake Cookies on the My Primrose Hill Kitchen blog

4.     Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bars on the Fitness Forster blog

5.     No-Bake Strawberry & ‘Cream’ Tartlets on the Nutritiously Naughty blog

6.     Triple Chocolate Orange Pinwheel Cookies on the Only Crumbs Remain blog

7.     Raw Liquorice, Blackberry & Coconut Cheesecake on the Spamella B blog

8.     Chocolate Tahini Doughnuts (Vegan & GlutenFree) on the Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen blog

9.     S’mores Brownies with Bahlsen on the Miss Pond blog

I can’t pick a favourite, readers, but I am a chocaholic at heart so there could be a chocolatey recipe on the horizon I feel… to pick me back up after the stress of car shopping. We shall see!

If you have the time, please do take a look at these lovely blogs, readers, and I hope you’re inspired to perhaps give a dessert recipe a try. Fingers crossed it goes well!

Cake galore – have a brilliant weekend, readers.

Bake safely,